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The LUTUM® 3D clay printer is the most versatile digital sculpting tool for ceramic artists.


VormVrij® developed a dedicated 3d clay printer to fabricate digital ceramics. It is the only clay printer capable of controlled dual color extrusion and comes in two forms. The Large LUTUM® for professional artist and larger scale production and the mini LUTUM® for mid range ceramics, prototyping, research and educational purposes.

The LUTUM® mini is especially suitable as a stand alone desktop printer capable of using small 1.5kg clay cartridges. All printers have an extrusion range of 1 to 7mm nozzle with a variety of clay types to print with.

Our studio also offers print time, prototyping, and fabrication of personal work.

Read here about the different LUTUM® models, sales and specifications.


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The first dual color clay struder in the world. Made possible with the minipug from VormVrij®

- Yao




Assembled by hand and crafted with love


It's our goal to give you an opportunity to expand the possibilities of crafting with clay. And the LUTUM® printer is not just another clay printer. It's made to last, to grow with you and to cross the current boudaries. We hope you can use it to let your imagination run free with different kinds of clay.





The emphasis at VormVrij 3D isn’t just in the present, technology-wise; the use of clay recalls more sustainable times of the past, and keeps the focus as well on the future, as ceramic pieces can last for millennia.

- Sarah Anderson, 3Dprint.com, 2014




The team currently aims at semi professionals and amateurs who sculpt as a hobby. One could say that they basically kill the hobby, but another person could be interested.

- Jelmer Luimstra, 3Dprinting.com, 2014


VormVrij 3D offers the ability to create large-scale ceramics... up to almost 3 feet tall!

- Brian Krassenstein, 3Dprintboard.com ,2014


Vous êtes un artiste dans l'âme et vous êtes un passionné d'impression? Ce billet va sans doute vous intéresser! Un couple de Néerlandais vient en effet de mettre au point une imprimante 3D qui devrait faire passer la sculpture dans une autre dimension!

- francerecharge, 2014






There is a LUTUM® for everyone!





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